Benefits! That is what everyone wants from any type of software. With Cerberus, some benefits are dramatically clear. Other benefits may be “behind the scenes”. But there is no question that everyone obtains benefits from SigFree Cerberus’s unique signature-free protection.

Benefits of Cerberus were confirmed in testing during its final development stages. We already reported on testing of the malware 5minut1. Cerberus found this malware at a time when Virus Total reported that only 1 out of 51 virus engines were able to detect 5minut1. The figure below contains the link to Virus Total for 5minut1:

You can also read more about this test on our blog at “5minut1.exe – zero day testing of Cerberus”.

We also reported on tests for fwkums. Fwkums is a very dangerous malware that can steal your personal information. It can also take control of your computer. At the time of our testing, only 9 out of 53 other detection engines could detect fwkums. You can also see that report on our blog at “fwkums – zero day testing of Cerberus”.

These tests demonstrated the benefits of Cerberus very well. Without needing signatures as the other detection engines do, Cerberus found both quickly. Cerberus found these dangerous programs. Picture this. Those bugs could have been on computers for months or years. The other detection engines could not find them until they caused damage. Someone finally saw the problem and found the source. Then the other detection engines could define signatures. Or, they could model the specific behavior of these infections.

But Cerberus needed none of that. Cerberus found these dangerous infections without knowing anything about them. Cerberus could have found them when they first gained entry to a computer! Those are the benefits of Cerberus!

Both of the examples mentioned above were designed to be evasive. This particular fwkums infection was a mutation. The 5minut1 infection was adaptive. It changed its behavior as it ran to try to evade detection. Both were quickly detected and neutralized by Cerberus. No damage was done by either infection. And Cerberus did this without known signatures or behavior patterns of these particular infections.

Another blog had three manufactured scenarios using the popular Metasploit tools. These also made Cerberus’ benefits clear. All three were reported in our blog “Metasploit port scanning target for Cerberus”. But one of the most thrilling was blogged in detail in “Sneaky speed – why you need SigFree Cerberus”

“Sneaky Speed” is a challenge. This scenario is adaptive to evade detection. Being adaptive, Sneaky Speed tests its boundaries. This way, it determines a threshold. It then scans below that threshold to avoid being detected. However, Cerberus detected and contained sneaky speed in only 125 milliseconds (0.125 seconds) after start of test. Nothing sneaky speed could do would convince Cerberus to let it go.

This demonstrates the validity and benefits of Cerberus’ signature-free approach! We suggest you give the free two week trial a go. Links are below.

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