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AnyURL – leading online reseller has made SigFree Cerberus one of its top three featured applications for this week!

SigFree Cerberus is one of the three top applications being featured at this week. AnyURL is a leading online reseller of a wide variety of software applications.

If you do not immediately see Cerberus on the home page, you can find it on its dedicated page at

To go to the SigFree Cerberus page on, just click on the AnyURL image below:

Testing shows that Cerberus can detect zero day malware. It provides benefits to users that other security software solutions cannot.

Tests using real life, zero day malware can show whether security software provides benefits or not. DayZero Systems has just released testing performed during the final stages of development of SigFree Cerberus v1.0.

The conclusion is very clear. SigFree Cerberus found malware when other security software solutions could not. Cerberus delivers on its benefits.

SigFree Cerberus provides zero day protection against worms and other similar self-propagating and self-mutating malware. This includes many viruses. Cerberus does not need known signatures so detection can occur before malware spreads. After it spreads, it can cause costly damage. Cerberus can stop the malware before it steals personal information. Before it uses your system resources as part of a bot network.

A range of results were blogged recently. See a short summary at This included two real life zero day events and one designed attack. There are links to more detailed reports. The designed attack was made with the popular test program, Metasploit, using the “sneaky attack” option.

The time has come for new thinking in internet security software. DayZero Systems is the first to step up to the challenge. The word is getting out quickly through leading online sellers like SigFree Cerberus v1.0 is the first in an arsenal of future signature-free applications to be released by DayZero Systems, the new leader in zero day threat protection. Cerberus does not protect systems from every type of malware. DayZero still recommends continued regular scans using Windows Security Essentials or, on Windows 8, use of Windows Defender.

SigFree Cerberus v1.0 comes with a free two-week trial. On, just click: DayZero promotes safe computer use. After downloading, right-click on the file name in its folder, click properties, and click the digital signature tab. This ensures that the software comes from a trusted, certified source. The version 1.0 license is US$14.00 per computer on which it is installed, comes with all v1.0 upgrades, and is not time-limited. The license may be bought on the same page.

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