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Exploit Kits and You – Not a Love Story

Exploit Kits: A Fast Growing Threat

Exploit kits are internet hit and run incidents about to happen. They are waiting for you to cross their section of the highway. When you do, they run over you. You will never know what happened.

Exploit kit note: This post is largely taken from the article“Exploit Kits: A Fast Growing Threat” which was published on the Malwarebytes Unpacked blog. At the end, we will also provide a helpful infographic which was published with the original article.
Exploit kits can do damage. You need to know they exist. That way, you will know the measures you must take to stay safe. We hope to impress upon you:

  • what an exploit kit is and what it does
  • how to avoid exploit kits
  • why you need added zero day protection, not only your antivirus, antimalware software
  • why you should install SigFree Cerberus (download here) to add this protection
    Exploit kits take advantage of vulnerabilities in programs. They focus on programs that are widely used. These programs include browsers, flash and others.

    The exploit kit is stored on hidden websites. You will not realize you were sent there. Malware is planted on well used websites that are trusted. Sometimes this is in an advertisement. You don’t need to click on anything. The malware will secretly direct you to the hidden url in the background. No new browser window will be opened. Software on the site analyzes your system for programs. It looks for known vulnerabilities. Then it decides which exploit kit in its arsenal to plant on your system.

    This is why exploit kits are so dangerous. You will never know that it has been planted on your computer until too late. You can avoid them to some degree by careful browsing. However, the redirect malware can often be planted on normally safe websites.

    Further, the exploit kits can be modified often. So normal antimalware, antivirus is not very useful. These depend on signatures. When malware or the kits change, the signature also changes. This is why you need supplemental zero day protection. The very best zero day protection comes from DayZero Systems. DayZero security software does not rely on signatures as others do.

    Please install DayZero’s SigFree Cerberus. You can download a two-week free trial here.

    Cerberus is completely signature-free. Malware cannot hide from it. Cerberus gives you several layers of protection. In many cases, Cerberus will prevent the malware from sending you to the hidden site. It can also refuse the receipt of the exploit kit into your computer. Finally, even should the exploit kit somehow be planted on your computer, Cerberus can prevent it from stealing information from you. Or from using your computer in a bot network.

    Try DayZero’s SigFree Cerberus now, for free.

    Please browse the following infographic. You will be amazed at what you can learn from it.
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