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Image Files Containing Malicious Code

Image Files Containing Malicious Code

The future of online attacks. But SigFree tech exists that can defeat this now

Saumil Shah has developed the stegosploit tool to show how malicious javascript code can be embedded and run from an image file. The user need only open the image file to execute the malware code.

image file contains executable malware

Security Affairs published a report on Shah’s work and obtained the following quote from Shah:

Image file vulnerability

But DayZero’s SigFree technology already has the ability to detect malicious code hidden in image and other types of files.

SigFree Code Abstraction detects executable code in any type of file or data stream. Our proprietary technology quickly parses all possible code sequences. This tech easily finds paths that cannot be executed. In the end, SigFree code abstraction only delivers executable code that does not belong in that image file or data stream.

SigFree Stealth defeats any attempts by the malware to disguise itself. Even if the malware morphs, SigFree Stealth will uncover it so the executable path can be found. This tech defeats the malicious code’s attempts to disguise itself. This includes attempts at using polymorphism, encryption, metamorphism and self-modification.

These particular technologies are not yet released in a production product but will be soon. Testing has been highly effective with zero false negatives and near zero (about 0.0027%) false positives. We are working on optimizing speed for data streams with a very amount of image, video and flash files.

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Please Note – Images courtesy of Saumil Shah and Pierluigi Paganini.