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DayZero Cerberus Among Most Popular at AiryURL

DayZero Cerberus Continues to Grow More Popular

AiryURL, known for Innovation in the Digital World of Software, has announced that DayZero Cerberus is among its most popular products.

AiryURL is among the most popular sites globally for try before buy software.

Likewise, DayZero Cerberus is fast becoming one of the most popular specialist software security solutions.

Cerberus targets some of the most dangerous malware harming both home and business users. These are the self-mutating and self-propagating worms and viruses that behave like worms. This malware changes its identity to make it harder to detect. Self-propagating means that the malware makes copies of itself to infect other devices on your network or via the internet.

A major benefit of Cerberus is that it is a signature free malware solution to detect this type of malware. This means that it can find new malware for which no signature exists.

Do you know that, because most security programs depend on signatures or observed behavior, the average time to detect malware is 200 days? That’s 200 days of damage before other programs can find the problem and take action. Cerberus has no such restriction. Cerberus can find the malware when it is launched.

Cerberus is also working all the time. It does not depend on running scans every once in a while. Cerberus is easy to use. In fact, you can install it and forget about it. If Cerberus needs your attention, it will let you know. Most of the time, it runs and does its job without bothering you at all.

Most Popular DayZero Systems SigFree Cerberus v1 License

Cerberus is your personal guardian to detect malicious software that tries to connect without your knowledge to the outside world. It may try to send your data to outside sites. It may spread itself to other computers. Or it may be a bot that someone is using to launch attacks on others through your computer.

DayZero technologies are signature-free. This v1 license gives you perpetual use and all v1 upgrades. DayZero’s SigFree Cerberus – working for your protection around the clock!