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Sneaky speed – why you need SigFree Cerberus

Sneaky speed testing demonstrates why SigFree Cerberus is a necessary addition to your internet security measures! Please read the following. Then see below for a one-click path to starting your two week trial version of DayZero’s SigFree Cerberus.

Sneaky speed testing does just as the name implies. Sneaky speed is designed to evade intrusion detection attempts. This setting is adaptive. It adapts to the reaction it receives from any protection or intrusion detection attempts sensed. The reason it does this highlights the value of Cerberus. Sneaky speed is designed to defeat common rate limiting methods of detection and detection methods that use thresholds. For example, in the latter, being adaptive, Nmap tests its boundaries and determines the threshold. It then scans below that threshold to avoid being detected. However, Cerberus detected and contained Nmap sneaky speed in only 125 milliseconds (0.125 seconds) after start of test. Nothing sneaky speed could do would convince Cerberus to let it go. This demonstrates the validity and usefulness of Cerberus’ signature-free approach! Try the two week trial below the figure today!


To begin the download of your free two week trial of Cerberus, simply click License sales are exclusively through Digital River and you can go to their MyCommerce site to buy a license by clicking on